the new beginning

I started my blog about 2020ish, probably around quarantine. I wanted to express all my creative avenues all in one place but shit got very overwhelming FAST.

Can I be transparent for a minute? I started and quit so many things, I tried and tried to find something that fit me but I couldn’t find anything.

I wanted to be an Event Planner, Etsy Shop Owner, Influencer, and Social Media Manager all at the same time. (As i'm typing this, I am stressed out again). I tend to do that to myself, I want to try and do so many things without figuring out my budget to support this, my skills to master it all and also TIME.

So I did one thing at a time, I started to invest my time into Influencing. I started getting serious about my content. I did open my own boutique but I didn't have the time dedicate so I put that dream on pause. I really fell in love with the social media and creating content for my boutique. So I started to reach out to brands to help with Content Photography and Social Media Management.

Now, I am blessed to do both Influencing and Social Media Management. I am in the process of figuring out my boutique re-launch, I will definitely keep y'all updated 😌

I did also take a break on my blog however, I wanted to bring it back! I wanted to connect with others on another platform and also another way I could share my life with y'all! 😜

So stay tuned, 💖



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Till next time, Rose 🌹

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