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Consistent Content and showing up on the daily is the vibe these days however, sometimes it can be a lot and overwhelming.. and that is where Content Batching comes in.... These are the top Content Creation Ideas you can use in any business.

1. Day in the Life : Your customers really love to see the behind the scenes of your everyday lives! This is your chance to showcase what you do, and how you do it for them. This is also a great REEL - create 5 small videos throughout your day, add some trending sounds and BOOM reel is done and posted!

2. Educating your Audience : This is a great way to build trust within your customer base. This is the time to showcase your knowledge and your speciality with your craft. This could be for example, a Supplement Store - Educate your customers on different supplements for different uses. Some beginners who are starting to workout might be scared to ask questions, so this is the perfect time to educate them!

3. Tell Your WHY : WHY did you become an Entrepreneur, WHY do you do what you do, WHY do you love it? Showcase this! This could ne a 60 sec video that can be a REEL.

4. Teach your customers : You can Teach your customers how to use your product or service. This is a great way to interact with your customers, use a call to action.

5. Testimonials : Show your customers your previous work, or before and afters. This is the perfect way to showcase your work!

6. Motivation Post : Motivate and Inspire your audience! Create a platform for your audience to embrace!

This week, set aside one day to Batch Content!


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